Board of Directors

Herb Gant, President
Jenny Callison, Vice President
Geoff Losee, Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Coleman Burgess
William Remele
Rhonda Stroud
The Rev. Dena Whalen

Ronnie Wise (non-voting)
Randall Woodruff

How to Join

1. Complete a Membership Form

2. Send to Ronnie Wise at


What is The Wilmington Boys Choir?

The Wilmington Boys Choir

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Founded in 1984 under the direction of David Hines, the Wilmington Boys Choir was active until 1999 and began again in 2014 through the help of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  While the choir is a resident choir of St. Paul’s, it’s also a separate organization and a boys’ choir to the city of Wilmington. The choir has had five directors and has sung at many impressive venues: Biltmore House, Duke University Chapel and even Westminster Abbey.

The Wilmington Boys Choir (WBC) strives not only for musical excellence, but also to instill the time-honored principles of integrity, character, achievement and a strong work ethic.  The choir is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music in America, which uses a point system to advance each boy to the next level of musical achievement.  The qualities previously mentioned are also considered for advancement, along with rehearsal and performance attendance. 

Please consider giving your son A Voice for Life!

What is the age range?  

Seven years of age (by September 1) through voice change (different for each boy).  

When are the rehearsals?  

Our semesters run September – December and January – May.  Rehearsals are each Tuesday from 6:00 – 7:00 pm and dinner is provided for the boys at 7:00 pm.  There are occasional Saturday morning rehearsals as well.  A full rehearsal and performance schedule is provided at the beginning of each semester.  (Some flexibility is allowed for sports and other school related activities.) 

What is 'Junior Choristers'?  

This is our training choir, where boys get basic music education, learn how to sit during rehearsal, read basic music notation and how to hold music when singing.  

Does my son need to audition?  

The audition process is very easy and requires no preparation.     

Is any prior music training necessary?  

No.  If your son doesn't already sing, we will teach him.  We provide all the tools necessary to make his time in the boys' choir successful!

What style of music will the WBC sing?  

We will sing all styles of music: Anglican choral music written specifically for boy choirs, classical, folk tunes, music from various religions, pop standards, etc.

Will the WBC only sing at St. Paul's?  

Even though we are a resident choir of St. Paul's, we will sing by invitation at other churches and temples and at civic events and secular venues.    

Why aren't girls allowed in the choir?  
Boys' voices create a different color of sound (timbre).  For centuries many composers have written music specifically for boys' voices.  Girls who wish to sing are encouraged to join our sister choir, the Girls Choir of Wilmington.

Does my son need to be an Episcopalian or a Christian to participate?  
No.  The boys come from all religious backgrounds or no religion at all.  No pressure will be placed on your son to become Episcopalian or Christian.

What is the financial obligation?  

The WBC is tuition free, but we ask each family to donate any amount to our annual fund.  It costs approximately $175.00 per semester for each boy to sing in the concert choir and $75 for Junior Choristers.  This covers everything your son will need with theses exceptions:  black shoes, white button down shirt, black belt and black socks. Families may donate the full amount or any percentage of the amounts listed above at any time during the semester.  No boy is denied membership based on financial status.